IDC Technologies' conferences offer delegates access to emerging industry knowledge and experts. Events are created with a practical and technical focus featuring the latest trends in industry and updates to standards. IDC events provide rewarding networking opportunities for delegates who want to meet and mingle with engineering professionals at our networking cocktail hours and discussion panels. 

IDC events focus on delegates being active participants throughout the conferences and workshops offering attendees opportunities to participate in interactive discussions with presenters and the audience during and between presentations. The aim of this interaction is to avoid the instructive or one-way presentation styles that traditionally occur.

Presentations and papers are practical and technical, describing the facilities and equipment involved in a project, what was done, how it succeeded or failed and what changes the authors would suggest in future applications. Participants will hear practical case studies, applications of evolving technologies and the newest developments in critical engineering and technology subjects.



The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is a proud Education Partner of IDC Technologies’ technical conferences: